Adult Development

The Focus Adult Development Programs are day activity programs operated by Focus, Inc. They are licensed, partially funded and monitored by the State of Arkansas. The purpose of the programs is to assist adults with disabilities to grow and learn. These are some of the hallmarks of the programs:

  • Program participants are encouraged to try new activities, to make new friends and to broaden their horizons.
  • Program participants are treated with the respect due to adults and adult behaviors are encouraged, including fulfillment of responsibilities and making as many choices as practical.
  • Independent living skills are stressed, including self-care, adaptive behavior skills and community integration.
  • Focus strives to "teach by doing". Most of our participants have spent many years in structured learning situations. We take our participants out into the community into real-life environments where they can learn functional skills in natural settings.
  • Focus provides a relaxed atmosphere where participants can improve their socialization skills and enjoy their day.


    • Curb-to-curb transportation.
    • Free lunch.
    • High staff/participant ratio.
    • Field trips and restaurant meals.
    • All staff pass strict background checks.
    • Qualified, experienced management team.
    • The State of Arkansas allows us to accept individuals with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and/or intellectual disability with an IQ of 70 or below. Disabilities in our program range from mild to profound.

    • In addition, most of our participants have Medicaid Numbers and all are at least 18 years old.

    • Focus is not equipped to deal with individuals who manifest violent behaviors.

  • Hours are 9:00 am until 2:00 pm Mon-Fri

    • Jonesboro Adult Center
    • Osceola Adult Center
    • Trumann Adult Center
    • Paragould Adult Center

Main Office

504 Flint Street,
Jonesboro, AR 72401
9 AM - 5 PM
9 AM - 5 PM
9 AM - 12 PM
9 AM - 5 PM
8 AM - 4 PM
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Locations Info

  • Serving Northeast Arkansas!
  • Waiver Services:
  • Program Services:
  • Serving Northeast Arkansas!

  • Waiver Services:

    • Craighead
    • Greene
    • Clay
    • Mississippi
    • St. Francis
    • Poinsett
    • Sharp
    • Fulton
    • Lawrence
    • Cross
    • Randolph
  • Program Services:

    • Craighead
    • Greene
    • Poinsett
    • Mississippi